Monday, September 22, 2014

Seasons of Life

Let Fall begin!
Beautiful colors of fall!

Gosh, it's been awhile since my last post. Many, many months actually!
These pics are from last fall.......
Sharing a few since fall is in the air again and today is the 1st day of Autumn.

It's been a busy few months for me.
To be honest......some of the most difficult moments I have had to go thru!!

Late last spring, I began to struggle with pain like I've never had before.  And pain of various levels is a daily 'norm' for me.

This, however, was an entirely different level.  After Dr appts, tests, etc........Dx of a couple herniated discs.

After a few trials and error of pain and med combos, epidural.......finally found a combo that worked fairly well and keep some semblance of my mind!  I had some weird reactions to various meds and that was a trial in and off itself!

Several months of Physical Therapy and I'm at long last on the healing side of this trial.  It's been long, rough, and overwhelming!

I can't say that everyday was one I considered a 'blessing under fire'. Can't even say that I stayed strong in His strength thru it all??!!  Or that I didn't feel days of frustration, and at times anger a bit.  Where was God? With so many praying for me.....why did some days gets actually worse and unbearable in the midst of those prayers?

I cannot say that I have the answers, or that I ever will completely.
To the best of my foggy mind thru it all (ugh meds),  I can say that I tried my best to hold on, to try and trust. Keep the faith under the fiery trial!

He had taught me thru it all, so much that I thought I already understood, so much I thought I had already experienced.  As I continue the healing process with less meds (better focus now)........I hope to prayerfully digest these last several months.
Learn from it all.

And more importantly......going forward , how can I use all I have gone thru to help others.  Use my life experiences to glorify Him?

Life is a journey of seasons!   May we all learn from one another's seasonal experiences in our lives!

May He bless and guide your day with whatever struggles you face. He is There!!
Even in those darkest times when we might feel otherwise!!

Blessings to all!

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