Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sincere Thank You!

Have been having some difficulties in posting replies to comments :(

Hoping to get this solved. In the meantime, thank you to those who have commented! I appreciate your words :)

Hope everyone has a good day and hoping spring is on it's way!

God's Blessings,


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow, snow , snow!

Anyone else waiting for these? Thinking about lovely spring tulips, daisies??
Seeing leaves on trees, grass growing again? Warmth of the sun?
Boy , I sure am!!
For now? This was just taken 2 days ago! Fairly decent snowstorm.....again ;)

Sooooo..........for now, this is the view!
Really, really cold!!  Waiting for spring!
Waiting.....waiting......waiting! :)

The plus in all of it?  Slowing down, enjoying the still and the quiet. The peace that God brings with it.

Thinking of productive things to do. Things that bring rest and joy to an already weary body.

Catching up on bible studies that I have wanted to do.  Catching up on emails .
Staying quiet, allowing the body to rest and heal a bit.  Focussing on this journey He has me on!

Our days, our weather, aren't always easy. Aren't always what we hope for?
But He is there, helping, guiding, strengthening!

Thank you, Lord!

Our hope lies in Him.