Monday, August 26, 2013

Interesting summer!

Well, it has been awhile since a post.

We had an interesting summer here. Temps on the lower side as a whole, humidity not as bad as usual.......but rains, rains, rains!!!

My container gardens got flooded out over and over! Sooooo.......had to give up.

Now it's drier with very hot sunny temps, so I'm attempting a bit of planting some herbs and fall vegs. We will see how it goes!?

This summer also brought a sad face

Have always enjoyed this beautiful, huge tree outside our balcony. It offered beauty, shade, place for birds. Each window of our apt offered a view of this great tree.
Due to problems? The complex has cut down majority of the trees on the property.
Yes, will get over it!!! But so disappointed .
Really am missing the beauty, shade and the birds roosting and chirping! :(

Perhaps I will add a couple dwarf trees to my balcony next spring? To somewhat make up for it? : )

How was everyone's summer? Gardens?

I look forward to fall every year. Its my favorite season to enjoy! Love the cool air and beautiful fall colors.
What are some of your favorite fall decorations?

Enjoy whatever you are doing today!!