Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring and New Life

Well, it has been an odd winter, harsher for many , delayed and crazy for others. Many areas still getting storms and snow.

Began planting new seeds of herbs and vegs and I'm excited each morning as new sprouts come thru the soil and others continue to grow bigger and taller!!

Even a delayed spring season brings new signs of life, a fresh start each year. Easter season reminds us always of becoming a new creation in Christ if we accept His sacrifice on the cross for us! So grateful that He grants me a new start and second chance each and every day!!

This morning, we grieve for the tragedy that unfolded in Boston yesterday. We hurt as a nation for those lives lost and injured and changed forevermore by senseless acts of hate.

I won't try to understand the how's or whys of things like this?! Why they have to even happen at all?? In times like these we run to our God, seek His comfort. Lets be real here, often as well we also take our anger, hurt and frustration to Him, and/or sometimes at Him. We are human and wish we had answers in times like these.

I do believe my God does not make us robots. We are free to accept Him or not. And with that choice also comes the choices of being the type of people we want to be and making the choices we want to as well. There is a lot of good and honor in this world. But there is also the people and groups who wish excessive harm to innocent people, feel violence is the answer to 'their causes', or for whatever mindless there reasons might be.

Prayers today for our country, for our world. In spite of the pain, the ugly that is often out there........I want to believe that the majority of us choose life, choose peace and that our common themes unite more of us in the world than divide us!

May each of us seek to find ways, however small, to begin better changes for the good in our world!

Thoughts and prayers to all